By Anthony Nwosu

VDT Communications, an indigenous internet service provider (ISP) is set to launch its retail data network 4G LTE Advanced service into the market with the theme “…Iive the life” . The organization is leveraging on it to drive home the unique lifestyle changing attributes and benefits of its service to the retail market and private individuals. The new 4G LTE is the closest to the 5G and the VDT LTE is set to bridge the digital divide and in line with the broadband road map of the country.

Over the years, VDT had been known for the provision of premium quality services to enterprise customers especially the corporate sector but with this launch in July, individuals and SMEs can enjoy seamless internet that would power their businesses and make their lifestyle easier. The retail broadband service space would witness the same premium quality service for homes and individual subscribers in Nigeria.

The opportunity to actualize this dream came with the successful acquisition of a broad channel 2.3GHz Spectrum from the Federal Government through Bitflux Communications Limited; a consortium which VDT is the principal partner. VDT LTE is leveraging on the Bitflux network painstakingly and deliberately built from the scratch to provide premium quality 4G broadband experiences in the country.

Despite the existence of other players in the market, the decision to launch VDT 4G LTE service is owing to the gaps existing in the market due to poor quality networks, customer service and support service inherent in the market. The company is poised to change the narrative and conversation on what internet is and how fast internet could be, what should be paid for high speed broadband and also with the view of best customer center services. VDT 4G LTE Advanced has come to fill these yawning gaps with superior network quality, top-notch network performance and proactive customer and support services.

Speaking on the pre-launch, the managing director of the VDT Communication Biodun Ominiyi said “Our ultimate goal is to offer members of the public an exceptional broadband experience every time they use our network. Thus, enhancing all aspects of their lives qualitatively and quantitatively; helping them to achieve more and truly live the life they are meant to.”

He added that “Our products range includes home CPE and mobile Mi-Fi devices at highly attractive rates. These we offer with free 3068 of data. We also offer the most attractive free night browsing [8pm to 7am] plan available in the industry. Furthermore, we still offer a free power bank

[depending on the home CPE purchased]

. Our data plans also come in highly affordable rates; as low as N3, 500 and unlimited internet data plan at low prices.

With the official service launch is scheduled to take place early next month in Lagos. With the huge acceptance and patronage we received during the pre-launch test period with about 80% network coverage of Lagos State, VDT LTE would expand strategically to cover the entire Lagos State and other leading cities in the key economic zones of Nigeria and the rest of the country in phases.

Leveraging on the huge capacity, world-class quality standard and customer centric disposition of the VDT service organization. VDT Communications Limited is an lSO 9001:2015 and the lst ISO 20000:2011 internationally certified Telecom Company in West and Central Africa for excellent IT service management and winner of several awards including Broadband Company and Corporate Internet Service Provider of the Year 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, among several others. VDT currently operates in over 30 states in Nigeria spread across the country. From its various points of presence, VDT is able to provide quality Broadband services with localized support services nationwide. It currently provides premium quality services to all top banks and other financial services institutions in Nigeria as well as other blue-chip companies across several other sectors.

“With the overwhelming patronage received even during the pre-launch, data consumers in Nigeria have demonstrated without doubt, their preference for high quality network and good customer support services. These attributes will take us to a higher pedestal now that the brand is officially launched, to give data consumers in Nigeria that premium browsing experience they have always craved for”, David Ese Marketing Communications Manager of VDT Communications Limited concluded.

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