POSTAGY, the new application by Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) enabling it to carry out offline and online orders with ease, has gained tremendous tractions since it was unveiled weeks back.

POSTAGY is helping to reposition NIPOST to leverage opportunities in Nigeria’s emerging digital economy, said a senior official of the postal agency in Abuja.

An impressive number of its traditional customers have migrated to the new mobile-tech enabled solution, the official said.

The mobile solution platform harnesses technological innovation helping NIPOST to enhance services delivery in real-time.

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Postmaster General of the Federation and CEO of NIPOST,Ismail Adewusi, POSTAGY as an innovative service has moved the agency from its analogue operations to become tech-led.

POSTAGY is still not available nationwide but in major stations where it is fully deployed like Lagos it has altered service delivery positively, the NIPOST official said.

Reworked NIPOST is partnering with Hamabreeze Limited for motorbikes to fulfil its orders.

POSTAGY is redefining NIPOST, said General Manager, e-Commerce, NIPOST, Mr Oladapo Adekunle, who said during the official launch of the solution that the new mobile application was developed by its partner, e-Gate Egypt.

“This is a very significant moment for us at the e-Commerce and Logistics Commercial Business Unit. Today’s event marks the re-jigging of our purpose to reposition as the leader in the e-Commerce & Logistics sector in Nigeria.

“E-Commerce giants in the advanced world have been successful because of how they have leveraged on technology to improve the postal service systems,” said Adekunle.

He added: “Nigeria Post is poised to position its e-Commerce  with logistics sector for more exploits through its network and provision of enabling infrastructures.”


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