NigComSat, NIPOST ink deal to bring broadband to rural communities

By Nwakaego Alajemba

The Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Limited has urged private sector players to leverage opportunities in the publicly owned satellite company to provide connectivity and broadband services in the country.

Managing Director of NIGCOMSAT, Ms Abimbola Alale said the company seeks partners to provide a portfolio of services that include reselling of the products/services of NIGCOMSAT Limited; agents for the broadcast services of the organization; content aggregation of the broadcast content of entrepreneurs; provision of the required capacity to implement internet solutions at remote and underserved areas of the country; and provision of connectivity for different applications and solutions throughout the country and beyond.

Ukoko and other panelists at WACC 2019

Ukoko (extreme right) and other panelists at WACC 2019

Alale who was speaking at the recent 10th edition of West Africa Convergence Conference (WACC) at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, urged entrepreneurs to partner NIGCOMSAT in the delivery of services to enhance the profile of Nigeria’s economy.

In a presentation delivered by NIGCOSAT’s Executive Director, Marketing, Samson  Osagie during the session on ’Regulation, Connectivity, Broadband, Broadplans and Convergence,’ Alale said the company is committed to continuously deliver satellite and connectivity services and solutions across its coverage areas even as it firms up its presence in Nigeria and across Africa.

She said this commitment underlies why NIGCOMSAT is the satellite partner in the National Broadband Plan and affirmed that “one of the priorities of the NigComSat-1R satellite is to provide high speed internet across urban and rural areas, thereby increasing internet penetration.

“Provide Broadband internet for people who live too far from other infrastructure.

NIGCOMSAT has deployed its cheaper Ka-VSAT internet service throughout the country to improve penetration rate in accordance with the National Broadband Plan.”

NIGCOMSAT is a major partner of WACC 2019,  an industry sponsored event organised by Knowhow Media and Market Intelligence International Limited (KMMIIL) publishers of IT Edge News.

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“Services that were seen as very different and unrelated are becoming more closely integrated and unified as technology advances. With convergence, voice and data services are merging to belong to a single data stream. E.g a single device like mobile phones can handle calls, instant messages, stream television, photography. Email etc.

“Some services are becoming obsolete with convergence but however a lot of other opportunities are open to those that can innovate in developing new applications.,” said Head, Lagos Regional Business Office, NIGCOMSAT, Ibiye Ukoko while speaking on behalf of Osagie at WACC 2019.

The 11th edition of WACC 2020 is scheduled to hold also in Lagos in March.

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