• Fully Customizable TTS Engine Includes Over Two Dozen Languages and More Than 100 Different Voice Sets

Mycroft AI, creators of the world’s first privacy-driven, open-source technology platform, has announced the release of its latest text-to-speech (TTS) engine, Mimic 3. This open-source neural TTS software is designed to provide the most natural sounding voice to date, with over two dozen languages and more than 100 different voice sets. It can run completely offline on low-end systems.

Tired of wondering if your home voice assistant is listening or recording conversations? Mimic 3 delivers on Mycroft’s privacy-first principle. User data isn’t stored on a cloud and will never be sold. The company’s mission is to provide full privacy and security for those who want to be the sole owners of their personal and/or business data.

Mimic 3‘s Features Include:

  • More than Two Dozen Languages and 100+ Voice Sets – With new ones being developed by the community all the time, anyone who wants to add a language can join the vibrant group of developers contributing to the open source, privacy-focused movement HERE. With Mimic 3, it only takes one user to implement an entirely new language!
  • Runs Completely Offline – Deliver natural voice quality, pacing and fidelity without an internet connection.
  • Low-End System Support – Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 or greater, using Mycroft’s TTS Plugin.
  • Platform Flexibility – Runs on Mycroft.AI, Linux or as a Docker container and includes its own web server.
  • Fully Customizable – Allows users to switch voices, control rate and variability of speech.
  • Natural Speech Patterns – Mimic 3 converts all input text to phonemes (distinct units of sound in a language that distinguish one word from another) and recognizes and matches the distinct nuances of how an individual speaks.

Beyond Mimic 3, Mycroft’s team is hard at work preparing to deliver the Mark II, a state-of-the-art, privacy-respecting smart speaker expected to ship this September. The company has strong relationships with the open source community and has received financial investments from Jaguar Land Rover, 500 Startups, Techstars and Kickstarter backers in more than 56 countries and 38 states.

Download the latest Mimic 3 product feature videos HEREhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/s4zeoyb1yxtvc0m/AABqaijuSaKScDr5SN5iuahLa?dl=0

Mycroft’s corporate initiatives have broad applicability and are being used by both hobbyists and commercial entities to drive voice data innovation. For more information on Mimic 3,


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