Hostinger , a fast-growing global hosting services company, has updated PHP to the newest 7.4 version. This version will enable users to get faster WordPress or other CMS execution that will have a significant effect on page speed. 

“From day one of Hostinger, we made a promise to provide fast web hosting services at affordable prices. We are delivering this promise once again with the launch of PHP 7.4“, said Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of web hosting provider Hostinger. “By being among the first ones hosting providers who adopted PHP 7.4 technology, we are giving our customers the best available tools to implement their web ideas.”

Various characteristics of PHP 7.4 leads to the main result: better speed. Programmers will be able to clean their PHP code fundamentally with the use of Arrow functions. Type hinting is not a new feature. But PHP 7.4 version brings it to another level by adding support for first-class property type declarations. It means that class variables can be type hinted.

Another update is the WeakReferences that enable to retain a reference to an object without preventing the object from being destroyed. The preloading process will boost the speed as well. It can achieve a significant performance boost by almost completely eliminating the overhead of PHP code recompilation.

WordPress websites will benefit the most out of this improvement. People can expect faster execution times and less memory usage when using PHP 7.4 instead of previous versions. According to WordPress stats , more than third WordPress websites use versions that are lower than 7.0. 

PHP 7.4 is now available for everyone at Hostinger. But it’s important to check the current software system requirements to be sure that it supports the newest version of PHP. More technical details are listed in this blog post 

Hostinger is a web hosting company, which aims to strike the perfect balance between price and performance. Since 2010, Hostinger grew its user base from 1 to 30 million people. This expansion was driven by a vision to enable people around the globe to unlock the power of the Internet.

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