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  • Enry’s Island is a worldwide platform for startup incubation and acceleration, which just launched an African site in Nairobi.
  • This female-led enterprise is focused on ESG and sustainability startups and will operate both locally and in the Metaverse.
  • African entrepreneurs have long been among the most innovative and entrepreneurial in the world. And finally, through Enry’s Island, they have a new distributed platform to showcase their talent and scale their innovations in a futuristic way.
  • Some attendees at the launch event inquired about Enry’s Island allowing startups to create a commercial presence in its Metaverse real estate. This is just one of the many ideas that can become reality through the Enrry’s Island Africa platform.

Enry’s Island, the first worldwide distributed platform for startup incubation and acceleration, has launched Enry’s Island Africa both in-person and in the Metaverse for a powerful, immersive experience.

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The in-person event was held at the prestigious Hemingways Hotel in Nairobi, and it sold out right away, while over 100 people connected and participated in the event on the Voxels Metaverse. Enry’s Island has recently secured Series A €20M from Los Angeles-based LDA Capital to advance its operations in the Metaverse.

The event was hosted by Mikali Sapani,  CEO and Partner of Enry’s Island Africa. Mikali is a driven, passionate African female entrepreneur and founder of the luxury sustainable fashion brand MIKALI SAPANI, who recognizes the great potential for new business creation within the African continent.

Enry’s Island Africa targets ESG, sustainable startups based in Africa. Enry’s Island acknowledges that for any company to succeed today it must be cognizant of Environment, Social, and Governance parameters and incorporate them into its growth strategy.  Today, a new generation of well-informed, digitally savvy young people are driving global consumption of goods and services and are entering the workforce, government, and all areas of society with expectations of environmental responsibility and sustainability action.

Specifically, climate change and environmental degradation are major concerns for young people in the 54 African countries.    For instance, despite the fact that the African continent contributes only 2% to global warming, it is one of its largest victims. Climate disasters such as desertification in Madagascar or massive flooding in Mozambique affect numberless lives and need viable solutions.

Mikali Sapani, CEO Enry’s Island Africa (Source: Mikali Sapani)

“Our mission is to create the next African unicorns,” Mikali Sapani said. “Whereas several business incubators and accelerators in Africa focus on supporting fintech, insurtech, agritech and edtech startups, Enry’s Island has chosen to focus on ESG and sustainability, specifically green fashion and beauty startups, acknowledging the enormous challenges of climate change, as well as the immense creativity and unique craftsmanship of the African people which, if supported, could produce formidable, sustainable global brands.”

Additionally, Enry’s Island Africa, having a woman CEO, is particularly interested in putting a strong focus on startups led by women, as African women have been recognized as some of the most entrepreneurial people globally but are hindered by lack of resources and business support.

Africa, unlike the rest of the world, is the only region to have seen three-digit growth in venture funding in the first quarter of 2022. Investments are up 150% hitting a record $1.8 billion whereas the rest of the world is recording a decrease.Back to contentEditChange permissions

Enry’s Island Africa is a Local Company of Enry’s Island S.p.A., focused on the Commitment Asset provided for all the Islands of Enry’s Island Archipelago. Enry’s Island Africa incubates and accelerates startups from all over the world focused on ESG, Cleantech and Sustainability.

“Enry’s Island” is an international distributed business incubation & acceleration platform that also includes the world’s first incubator / accelerator operating in the Metaverse. Find out more at https://www.enrysisland.com/


Courtesy: Enry’s Island


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