With a probable recession on the horizon, what impact will we see in startup investments? How is investment strategy changing in general in 2022?

Probably the biggest change is how investors are using “data driven deal making” to make their decisions. Data driven deal making can allow firms to create and pursue unique perspectives and experiences in the market which helps investors not only land deals but also add value in their portfolios.

“Data-driven deal making is more important than ever when markets turn. But uncertainty and market volatility can create opportunities. Data and technology are the keys to mastering risk in a downturn. The aggregate results of hundreds of our dealmaking clients demonstrates that the best-equipped firms can thrive during market turmoil,” says SourceScrub co-founder Tyler Fair.

SourceScrub is the world’s leading data service for firms looking to research, find, and connect with bootstrapped companies. Founded by Tyler Fair and Prescott Nasser, Sourcescrub analyzes thousands of sources and provides an organized and easy way to access this crucial information in a platform purpose-built for finding, researching and connecting with privately held companies, helping dealmakers connect with companies that are ready for investment, but probably not on anyone’s radar yet.

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