CWG Plc is celebrating its 30th anniversary by adding a subsidiary:  ‘FifthLab’ to drive the company’s new strategic direction and further expand its operations across Africa.

In three decades, CWG has evolved to become a publicly quoted company in Nigeria and a Pan-Africa tech solutions firm. From a ‘mustard-seed’ beginning, it is now a leading provider of ICT services across West, Central, and Eastern Africa. Regarded as a tech-multinational with a Nigerian origin, CWG is also a leading cloud services provider, enabling Africa’s small medium enterprises (SMEs) to exploit cloud services for commerce and management.

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“Hearty congratulations to CEO, Adewale Adeyipo and to the entire team at  for the launch of our newest subsidiary, Fifthlab on Friday, June 16, 2022, at the company’s maiden event, Texcellence Conference. #Fifthlab will provide innovative IT and financial solutions to organisations as part of the company’s new strategic direction. I am excited to see what the future holds,” Founder and Executive Vice Chairman,  CWG Plc, Austin Okere,  posted on his LinkedIn page at the weekend.

Okere who is also the Entrepreneur in Residence, Ausso Leadership Academy, said the company has braved all odds to remain standing and focused on altering the technology destiny of the continent for good.

“As we reflect on our history, showcasing our humble beginnings, our victories, our losses, and above all our learning as a knowledge-driven organisation. These experiences have produced the opportunity to refine our corporate strategy and values, eventually birthing our CWG 2.0 roadmap,” said Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, CWG Plc, Adewale Adeyipo.

Through FifthLab, CWG  will deliver bespoke products and services to resolve  payment challenges for individuals and businesses, added Adeyipo.

But FifthLab will do more than just provide diversified payment solutions and ease of paying of bills and other payments. It will also serve as a cooperative society that allows people to access loans and build their credit profile in a way that boost corporate support for their businesses.

FifthLab will offer “a wider variety of financial services, give the chance to reach far more people at much lower costs and provide them with what they need to develop resilience and seize chances,” said Okere.

Part of the year-long commemorative activities include the launch of the Transform-a-School Initiative, Pitch for Transformation Challenge, and Youth Boot Camp.

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